Windows 7 License Order Deadline June 30th – Hamilton Safe & Security Systems


Please note this is the last month we will be able to order Windows 7 license on your behalf. Microsoft will be requiring all Windows 7 licenses for ATM upgrades be purchased by the financial institution. This purchase will be directly through Microsoft after June 30th 2014. The shift of responsibility will result in more work load for the financial institution after this date. If you are able to invest in the Windows 7 ATM upgrade we strongly recommend doing so before June 30th so that we as your ATM provider can assume the ordering and implementation responsibility.

Our schedule is loaded with Windows 7 upgrades at this time, with that our installation timeframe will be about 60 days plus from the order date. We are experiencing that the networks are backed up as well with their schedules due to the high volume.

We want to make this upgrade as easy as possible for you and purchasing your software before the June 30th deadline will allow us to do so. After this date, we will only be responsible for NCR Edge software and NCR hardware required for the upgrade.

At this point there has been no ordering change applied to new ATM purchases. We will still be able to order Windows 7 on your behalf with any new ATM purchased.

We thank you for your attention to this matter and please feel free to contact your sales representative at anytime with questions or concerns.

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