Update: Windows 7 / EMV Migration for ATMs


Important Dates on the horizon:

• December 31st 2013 – Final orders for Personas upgrade kits

• April 8th 2014 – Microsoft ends support for Windows XP

• April 30th 2014 – PCI-PTS approval for Persons & Self Serv EPP module expire

• April 2013 – 2017 – EMV Liability shift from card-brands to ATM owner/operators

As your security and ATM partner we are focused on providing you the most up to date information in regards to your ATMs. As you may know, next year Microsoft will no longer provide support for Windows XP, starting April 8th 2014. As we have mentioned before in our news section, upgrading your ATMs to Windows 7  is not required, but is strongly recommended, due to the fact that Microsoft will no longer be providing support, updates, and security patches for XP.

Here are some benefits and value for migrating to Windows 7:

     • Improved Security – Microsoft will only be releasing updates and patches for Windows 7

     • Lifespan – Microsoft will support 7 until at least 2020

     • Improved operational efficiency and functionality

     • So far 65% or more of business have made the switch. Do you want to be left behind?

     • Advanced user interface and consumer experience

     • Improved PC performance and load time

     • Windows 7 allows for Direct Access making remote ATMs much easier to manage

Newer ATM lines such as the NCR Self Serv models will require software and licensing updates. Our main concern is with the Personas ATM line, which will require hardware upgrades. The required hardware upgrades will include the core, smart reader, and possibly the monitor. These items are already in high demand and supply is becoming scarce. Please Note: Any generation preceding the Personas series cannot be upgraded for Windows 7.

Upgrading your ATM for EMV compliance at the same time as your Windows 7 update will allow you to save on overall upgrade costs, although EMV is not urgent and can be completed at a later date after upgrading to Windows 7.

Be sure to begin communications with your network to discuss upgrades and APTRA Edge software support.

We are here to serve you…

Please contact us for surveys and proposals so we can begin to plan for next year’s upgrades. Please help us by sharing your budget plans and how many ATMs you are looking to upgrade next year.  If ordering new hardware is required, please be aware that the NCR final order date is December 31st 2013.

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